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Can I Have Cataract Surgery With a Cold?

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Cataract surgery has become a fairly routine procedure in which very few patients experience serious complications, before, during, or after the process. However, it is always a good idea for patients to familiarize themselves with the any surgery that they will be undergoing. Finding the answers for common questions will allow for better preparation, thereby increasing the chances of success for the operation. One such question regarding cataract surgery involves whether or not it is medically acceptable to have the procedure performed while suffering from a cold. The short answer is no. Anyone who is experiencing cold symptoms and serious coughing in the days preceding or the day of the scheduled procedure should call Milan Eye Center in Atlanta and reschedule the surgery.

Cataract surgery is a relatively painless procedures in which a cloudy area of the lens covering the eye is removed in order to improve vision. Using ultrasound waves to break up the lens of the eye into smaller pieces, the lens is then replaced with an intraocular lens implant in order to correct vision. A topical anesthetic in the form of eye drops are used to deaden the nerves surrounding the eye. However, general anesthesia is rarely administered to the patient during the process. Due to this fact, an illness that causes constant couching or sneezing can make performing this delicate surgical procedure impossible.

Even if you consider your cold symptoms and coughing to be rather mild, eye specialists will not perform the procedure while a patient is ill. In addition to the concern of coughing, your body is in a state in which it is more vulnerable to infection. Performing any kind of surgery is not advisable when a patient is already in a weakened condition. Additionally, there is the added complication of tears and nasal discharge that come with typical cold congestion as well. These fluids change the state of the eye, an already delicate organ with which the surgeon is dealing. Any Milan Eye Center patient scheduled for cataract surgery who wakes up experiencing cold-like symptoms in the days prior to their operation should cancel their procedure and seek a new appointment. Although, rescheduling your appointment may be inconvenient, your health, vision, and the prospect of a successful surgery should take precedence.

If you have other concerns about how other common illness or ailments can affect your cataract surgery, contact our Atlanta area offices.