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» News » Is it normal to have floaters after cataract surgery?
Is it normal to have floaters after cataract surgery?

Yes. Having floaters after cataract surgery is actually a fairly common problem. If you’ve have cataract surgery, and see what look like specks of dust or like spider webs that often move or “float” in the direction you look, you most likely have them.

Most patients actually have floaters before cataract surgery, but the effects of the cataract on their vision makes it harder to recognize a floater. Naturally, once you have the cataract removed and your vision improves, your ability to see the floaters also improves.

While it may be somewhat annoying at first, the good news is that there’s most likely no need to worry about this very normal condition. Some of the floaters will go away with time.

In some cases, however, floaters following a cataract procedure may represent a sign of a tear in the retina or a hole in the retina. If not properly diagnosed or treated appropriately, this could possibly lead to a retinal detachment.

If you’ve had cataract surgery and think you’ve developed floaters, have your surgeon and eye doctor carefully evaluate your eyes to rule out a retinal problem. When you have them examined, your eye doctor will dilate your pupils in order to examine the retina carefully.
Generally, if the retina looks healthy and free of any tears, the floaters will fade over a few weeks or months. In some cases, the floaters do not go away completely.

Important warning signs of a retinal detachment are a sudden onset of flashing lights, a large increase in the number or size of floaters, or a curtain or shade coming down and blocking your vision. If any of these symptoms develop then you need to see your eye doctor immediately for a comprehensive eye examination.