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Eyelid Lift Surgery for Droopy Eyelids

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity. When this occurs around the eyes, it may impair vision or cause individuals to look older than they are. Eye lift surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) from Milan Eye Center can tighten and remove excess skin and fat surrounding the eyelids.

While many individuals decide to undergo upper eyelid lift surgery to treat droopy eyelids for cosmetic reasons, there are also individuals who may require this surgery if loose or sagging skin is impairing their vision. Surgery on the lower lid is primarily performed for cosmetic reasons such as under-eye bags.

Ideal candidates for eyelid lift surgery have:

  • Excess skin on the lower lids that causes bulging or puffiness
  • An upper eye surface that is too small to apply makeup
  • Drooping lower lids that show the whites of the eyes
  • Bags or dark circles under the eyes
  • Extra skin on the upper lids that hangs low enough to cause obstruction of vision

Insurance does not usually cover cosmetic eye lifts but may cover a portion or all of the surgery if vision is impaired due to droopy lids or sagging skin.

About The Eye Lift Surgery Procedure

Eyelid lift surgery can be performed on upper and lower lids by removing fat and muscle, and tightening the skin around eyes. Afterwards, eyes appear more alert and youthful and there will be a less obstructed view for patients with vision impairment.

A Milan Eye Center ophthalmologist will evaluate your facial structure, including an examination of the fat and muscular tissue surrounding your eyes. This will determine if the surgery will be beneficial and how much tissue will have to be removed.

Local anesthesia, oral sedation, or intravenously-delivered pain medication will be given so patients are comfortable throughout the procedure. If both upper and lower lids are done during one procedure, the surgery can take approximately two hours.

One of the board-certified eye surgeons at Milan Eye Center will create unnoticeable incisions – upper lid incisions are created in the creases of the eye and lower lid incisions are created along the lash line and natural smile lines. The surgeon then separates the skin from underlying tissue and removes the necessary amount of excess fat, muscle, and skin. The incisions are then closed with very fine sutures.

Recovery Following Eye Lift Surgery For Droopy Eyelids

After patients recover from anesthesia, they can return home with the help of a caregiver or friend. Patients may experience swelling, bruising, and minimal pain that can be treated with a prescription or over-the-counter medication, as instructed by your doctor. Sutures are removed 3-5 days after surgery during a follow-up appointment.

Your Milan Eye Center eye doctor will instruct and follow-up with each patient after all surgeries performed. While recovery times and instructions vary by patient and their particular procedure or medical needs, it is imperative that post-operative instructions are followed.

Eye lift patients should:

  • Keep eyes lubricated with ointment during the first few days to prevent eyes from drying out
  • Elevate their head while laying down
  • Apply cool compresses or icepacks intermittently
  • Limit activity and take frequent naps
  • Apply any eye drops suggested by your eye doctor

While most patients require minimal downtime, normal activity levels can be resumed around day 10-14 of recovery. Optimal results can be seen after just one month.

How much does an eyelid lift cost?

The cost of surgery depends on the individual, whether the procedure is for the upper or lower lids (or both), and the type of insurance held by the patient.

As mentioned earlier, if surgery is deemed necessary for medical reasons (often an upper eyelid lift is required to correct obstructed vision) then your insurance company may cover all or part of the procedure cost.

If you would like to know more about lower or upper eyelid lift cost, please get in touch with Milan Eye Center today and book a free consultation.

Learn More about Eye Lift Surgery at Milan Eye Center

While many people with droopy eyelids or under-eye bags are suitable candidates for blepharoplasty, there are some uncommon eye disorders that mean surgery might not be advisable. For this reason, our ophthalmologists will always undertake a thorough assessment of all patients prior to surgery in order to determine suitability.

If droopy eyelids or sagging skin around your eyes is causing vision impairment or other issues, contact Milan Eye Center about our state-of-the-art procedures: (678) 381-2020. Come in today for your free eye lift surgery consultation at any metro Atlanta location.

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“Dr. Milan Patel is an excellent, caring physician. From the initial exam through cataract surgery he was very patient with explaining the surgery and recovery process. I had both eyes replaced with new lenses and felt extremely comfortable through both procedures. I highly, highly recommend him!”

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