dry eye

This is the most frequent patient complaint that our Atlanta Ophthalmology specialists at Milan Eye Center receive and it’s understandable considering millions of Americans experience varying degrees of dry eyes.

The eye has a tear film which coats its outer layer. This tear film is very important for the lubrication and comfort of the eye as well as for clarity of vision. As we age, the protective film diminishes, and leaves the eye susceptible to drying as a result of conditions such as wind and dust. Thus, contrary to popular belief, dryness in the eye is not a result of the eye producing fewer tears. In fact many patients complain of excessive tearing and watery eyes because the eye is trying to compensate in an effort to replace the tear film.

Causes Of Dry Eye

As we age, dry eye becomes more common. Postmenopausal women are often affected because of body hormone changes. Oral medications can sometimes be the cause including antihistamines, antidepressants, blood pressure medicine, and decongestants. Certain autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, occur together with dry eyes.

Recommended Treatments

Our physicians at Milan Eye Center will recommend that you try using a lubricated eye drop like Oasis TEARS Plus® or Restasis® Ophthalmic Emulsion to moisten delicate ocular tissue for long lasting relief of dry eye symptoms.

When eye drops are not effective in treating your dry eye condition, then one of our eye specialists may suggest punctal plugs. These plugs are inserted inside the tear ducts to block them. The tears will drain into the nose via tear ducts and blocking this outflow is a reasonable strategy to keep the tears in the eye longer. Our doctors have had a high degree of success in treating this condition with punctal plugs.

Oasis Tears

Oasis TEARS™ viscoadaptive lubricant eye drops coat, lubricate and moisten delicate ocular tissue. With each blink of the eye, this viscoadaptive drop coats and re-coats the surface of the eye for continued relief of symptoms.

Get your Oasis TEARS™ Lubricant Eye Drops by calling Milan Eye Center at (678) 381-2020. These eye drops are recommended for mild to moderate symptoms and contain 30 sterile, disposable containers per box.

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