punctal plugs for dry eye

Millions of Americans experience the symptoms of dry eyes every day. This common condition can range from mild or moderate to more severe cases. For those with severe dry eyes, over-the-counter treatments are often insufficient.

Milan Eye Center helps patients with dry eye find the right treatment options for them. In those instances in which patients do not respond to over-the-counter or prescription eye drops, your ophthalmologist may recommend the use of punctal plugs. Learn more from the expert team at Milan Eye Center about how punctal plugs can help relieve the symptoms of severe dry eye.

Finding The Right Dry Eye Treatment For You

Dry eye is a common eye condition that results in scratchy, irritated, or red eyes. Many patients exhibit signs of mild dry eye, which can normally be corrected through a number of simple measures.

It is helpful to understand the root cause of your dry eye and correct those factors. Common environmental causes of dry eye include:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Dry environment
  • Allergies
  • Reading a computer screen for long periods of time.

These factors can be mitigated by avoiding smoky areas or outdoor allergens, using humidifiers, or taking frequent breaks when using a computer or tablet.

Many patients also benefit from the regular use of over-the-counter or prescription eye drops to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. If these methods prove ineffective and severe symptoms of dry eye persist, your ophthalmologist may recommend the use of punctal plugs for the relief of dry eye.

What Are Punctal Plugs?

Punctal plugs are small devices that are inserted into the tear ducts in order to block the drainage of fluid. By preventing the drainage of fluid from the eye surface, punctal plugs help to restore moisture to dry, scratchy eyes.

These small devices come in both dissolvable and semi-permanent forms. Dissolvable punctal plugs are often used after another eye surgery, such as LASIK, in order to ensure than the eyes remain moist in the days after treatment.

For a more long-term solution to severe dry eyes, your ophthalmologist may recommend semi-permanent punctal plugs. Punctal plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, which your eye doctor will choose to meet your specific needs and eye shape.

When a punctal plug is inserted, patients often experience a short period of initial discomfort but soon cannot feel the presence of the device at all.

Find Out If You Are A Candidate For Punctal Plugs At Milan Eye Center

If you experience chronic symptoms of dry eye, you might be a good candidate for punctal plugs. Visit Milan Eye Center to learn more about these minimally-invasive devices and to find out if punctal plugs might be a good dry eye treatment for you. Call our office at (678) 381-2020 or schedule your appointment online.

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