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The Milan Eye Center in Marietta, Georgia offers the residents of Marietta, East Cobb and Sandy Springs areas access to cutting-edge eye treatments, the best in customer care, and the finest eye doctors. At the Marietta practice, our highly-rated doctors and friendly staff pride themselves on delivering the highest quality experience to every patient.

The Marietta eye care office can help you with any eye concerns you may have. We offer a wide and comprehensive range of services, and our doctors are happy to provide consultation and expert advice and information, as well as cutting-edge treatments to ensure that you will always walk away happy.

Some of the services we offer include:

Cataract treatment  

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens which can cause you to experience reduced vision. Milan Eye Center in Marietta provides comprehensive cataract diagnosis, treatment and care for all of our patients. Our services include diagnostic testing, cataract surgery and the innovative bladeless cataract surgery procedure. The Marietta office also provides the very best in long-term and follow-up vision testing and eye care. Milan Eye Center is Atlanta’s premier cataract surgery specialist, and our Marietta office will be able to provide the highest quality cataract treatment available.

LASIK eye surgery

For many people with near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism, LASIK eye surgery offers a fast, effective, and life-changing treatment. It is a virtually seemless procedure that allows patients to see better within as little as 12 to 24 hours post-procedure. This is why LASIK eye surgery has become one of the most popular elective surgeries available. At Milan Eye Center, we are the most experienced LASIK eye surgery providers in Atlanta. Our Marietta office will be able to help you decide if LASIK surgery is a good choice for you. You can find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery by filling in our simple questionnaire, or call (678) 381-2020 to schedule a free consultation for LASIK Surgery at our Marietta office.

Glaucoma eyecare

Glaucoma is a condition that puts excessive pressure on the eye, which can cause damage to the optic nerve and eventually lead to a loss of sight. The Milan Eye Center in Marietta offers comprehensive and highly effective glaucoma care to help protect your eyes and relieve the pressure glaucoma creates. We are very experienced in treating glaucoma and we offer treatments such as eye drops, laser surgery and selective laser trabeculoplasty to help manage the condition.

Corneal care and treatment

There are a number of different conditions that may affect the cornea, or the surface covering the very front of the eye. Milan Eye Center in Marietta offers an extensive range of treatments for conditions affecting the cornea. Some of the treatments available at our Marietta office include:

  • Pterygium Excision Surgery
  • Intacs
  • Corneal Transplant Surgery
  • Penetrating Keratoplasty
  • DALK Corneal Transplant Surgery
  • DSAEK Corneal Transplant Surgery.

If you are considering a procedure to improve the health or functioning of your cornea, our Marietta office will be able to help you find the right treatment option for you.

Other eye conditions

In addition to these services, Milan Eye Center in Marietta also provides care for any number of other eye conditions. If you are looking for an ophthalmologist who has expertise in:

  • Diabetic eye care
  • Dry eye care
  • Floaters and spots
  • Macular degeneration, or
  • Treatment for chalazion
  • Presbyopia

Milan Eye Center in Marietta will be able to provide you with the care and treatment you need.

Cosmetic eye services

At our Marietta office, we also perform cosmetic eye services, including blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and fillers. If you are considering a cosmetic eye procedure to help rejuvenate your eyes and create a more youthful experience, make an appointment to talk to our Marietta office today.

Our location

The Marietta practice of Milan Eye Center is conveniently located and easy to find for residents in the Marietta or East Cobb area. Our office is located off Highway 120 / Roswell Road and is across the street from Rick’s Farmers Market.

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Milan Eye Center is proud to serve residents in the Marietta/East Cobb area. Our convenient eye surgery office is located off Highway 120/Roswell Road and across the street from Rick’s Farmers Market. Call today to schedule your consultation: (678) 381-2020.

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“Seeing Dr. Sajja was very easy and efficient. He was very thorough and professional. He was also very honest in what he felt needed to be done. He also had a very good bedside manner and was caring, nothing was painful at all. The surgery was a quick procedure and I was in excellent care. I was amazed that Dr. Sajja himself called me two days after surgery to check-up on me!”

“Dr. Milan Patel is an excellent, caring physician. From the initial exam through cataract surgery he was very patient with explaining the surgery and recovery process. I had both eyes replaced with new lenses and felt extremely comfortable through both procedures. I highly, highly recommend him!”

“I was scared of having my cataracts removed, but the doctor and all of the staff made me most comfortable. There was no pain & the recovery was short. I would recommend Dr. Desai to anyone who needs surgery. And the people who work there are just wonderful”
Deb Hallinyer