At Milan Eye Center, we consider education to be a top priority. We pride ourselves on the continued education of our staff, and when given the opportunity, we are always happy to play a part in educating the next generation of doctors.

We are delighted to welcome medical students Justin and Jia, who will be shadowing at our clinics and surgical centers throughout the next month. Justin and Jia are both fourth-year medical students at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Georgia campus.

These students are not only peers but also a married couple. Both students are going into internal medicine and are interested in pursuing a career in primary care.

“We’re actually really interested in doing a variety of electives,” said Jia, “and I think ophthalmology is really going to help us in our future training.”

Justin agreed, saying an understanding of ophthalmology would be helpful as a primary care doctor.

Last Tuesday the students attended a lecture by Dr. Milan Patel at our Cumming location. They then spent the afternoon shadowing Milan Eye Center optometrist, Dr. Charles Ficco. Justin and Jia will continue to shadow doctors throughout the month.