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The best eye care, regardless of budget

Whether you require cataract surgery, LASIK, or another eye surgery; you want the best care when it comes to your vision, regardless of your budget. To make quality care accessible to everyone, we are committed to offering nearly every patient an affordable pay-over-time option, regardless of their credit score.


Milan Eye Center offers Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD), the nation’s leading patient payment program. Unlike traditional lenders, HFD approves nearly all applicants regardless of credit score and does not conduct hard credit checks, ensuring no damage to the patient’s credit. This system makes treatments more accessible and alleviates the financial burden on patients, allowing them to focus on their healthcare needs without the stress of upfront costs.

 HFD offers a comprehensive range of payment plans to choose from and a promotional 0% interest rate for 12-months.

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Flexible Spending Accounts & Tax Savings Accounts

Flexible spending accounts (FSA’s), (also known as flex plan, cafeteria plan, reimbursement account, flex 125, Section 125, tax savings plan, or medical spending account) are offered by many employers to offset medical expenses. This employee-sponsored program allows for pre-tax dollars to be set aside for medical costs, including LASIK. You may be able to have surgery virtually tax-free.

Tax Deductible Laser Vision Correction

Depending on your tax filing status, vision correction may be a tax-deductible expense. Consult your CPA or ask a tax professional for details, or visit the IRS website for details.

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