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Our Cosmetic and Oculoplastics Center is a full-service center for cosmetic, aesthetics, reconstructive, and corrective procedures of the eye and the surrounding structures, such as the eyelids, tear ducts, and orbital socket.

Whether you are concerned about aging, facial trauma, eyelid abnormalities, or symptoms of a disease or underlying condition, Milan Eye Center offers the latest treatment options to help keep your eyes as beautiful and healthy as possible.

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What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery is a general term used to describe various surgical procedures involving the face, eyelids, tear ducts, and orbit. Here at Milan Eye Center, we offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical options that can be considered medically necessary or strictly cosmetic. When our team of board-certified oculofacial surgeons sees you, they will determine if the procedure is deemed functional or not. If so, you may be able to submit it for insurance coverage.

An example of a cosmetic procedure would be eyelid surgery. We can get rid of the puffy undereye area or lighten up our dark circles. For others, surgery serves a different function to improve eye health. Imagine waking up and feeling like you had stayed up all night without any sleep, your eyes feel heavy, and you have to concentrate to constantly keep your lids open. For some, this is an everyday occurrence, even with adequate sleep, but oculoplastics can help. 

Plastic vs. Oculoplastic Surgeon

Having surgery is always a big decision. Along with research about the procedure, you also look at recovery times and physicians’ surgical experience. Some oculoplastic procedures may overlap with those offered at a plastic surgeon’s office.

Oculoplastic and plastic surgeons perform reconstructive surgeries and cosmetic procedures on the face. However, there are notable differences you should take under consideration when choosing the physician and surgery. The oculoplastic surgeons at Milan Eye Center undergo a significant amount of training surrounding the eyelids and face. Since we have multiple locations across Atlanta, you’re never too far from an experienced doctor who can answer your questions, put you at ease, and provide you with the best eye care possible.

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Treatment and Procedure Options in Atlanta

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Procedures 

Everyone’s skin loses elasticity and can become less firm and supple as we age. The constant pull of gravity can cause eyelids to droop and show signs of wrinkles and fine lines – but, oculoplastics can help us feel and look younger and more vibrant.  Our ophthalmic plastic surgeons offer many surgical and non-surgical treatments (i.e., brow lifts and eyelid surgeries) for patients who want to fight the signs of aging and achieve a more youthful, refreshed appearance. We also offer laser skin treatments to reverse damage and make your skin glow with little to no downtime.

Corrective and Reconstructive Procedures

Many factors such as trauma, diseases, genetic predispositions, and other causes can make reconstructive or corrective surgery or treatments of the eyelids necessary for better health and improved quality of life. We offer surgical and non-surgical treatment options for people who have eyelid deformities, lesions around the eyelids, eyelid closing or blinking issues, and other issues requiring corrective or reconstructive work.

We also offer comprehensive treatment options that can help people who suffer from watery eyes, orbital tumors, facial paralysis, and other diseases and conditions that can negatively affect eye’s natural function.

Cosmetic Injectables and Fillers

Wrinkles, frown lines, and loss of fullness in the face can make you look tired and less alert. We offer minimally invasive injectable and filler solutions to patients seeking a non-surgical solution to these common age-related eye and face concerns. From Botox for wrinkles in the brow to Latisse for thicker, longer eyelashes that you have always wanted, our vast selection of cosmetic injectables and fillers give patients a wealth of options to help them achieve their beauty and anti-aging goals.

Oculoplastic Surgery Affordability

The best eye care, regardless of budget

To make quality care accessible to everyone, Milan Eye Center offers zero-down financing options with approved credit through Wells Fargo, CareCredit, and Alphaeon. We also accept all FSA/HSA plans.

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