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As our bodies age, our skin loses elasticity and it can become less firm. The constant pull of gravity can cause eyelids to droop and show signs of wrinkles and fine lines – all of which can make you look older and less vibrant. We offer a number of surgical and non-surgical treatments for patients who want to fight the signs of aging and achieve a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

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Eyelid Retraction Repair

Eyelid retraction occurs when the eyelid is pulled away from the eyeball, either too far up in the case of the upper eyelid or too far down in the case of the lower eyelid.

Common causes of eyelid retraction include thyroid disease, trauma or previous eyelid surgery. Repair of the eyelid retraction depends on the cause and the degree of severity. Releasing the eyelid itself may correct the problem or sometimes placement of grafts into the eyelid may be necessary.

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