As I’ve gotten older my eyes have gotten dryer. I was using Restasis but even that wasn’t totally solving the problem. Some mornings I would wake up with extreme pain in one of my eyes. After consulting with Dr. Patel he said that while I was sleeping that my eyes may not be shutting completely and also the fan or air conditioning in my home might be adding to the problem. He suggested that I try punctual plugs. I thought it was going to be a painful procedure but he assured me that it wasn’t. He was right. He it only took him a few minutes to insert the plugs in each of my tear ducts. It’s been a couple of months and I haven’t had a single problem! I am so grateful to Dr. Patel!

– L.H.

“Dr. Milan Patel is an excellent, caring physician. From the initial exam through cataract surgery he was very patient with explaining the surgery and recovery process. I had both eyes replaced with new lenses and felt extremely comfortable through both procedures. I highly, highly recommend him!”

– L.F.

I was recommended to see Dr. Patel for my cataract surgeries by a friend. I was scared and Dr. Patel calmed my fears and explained every step of the procedure. I loved Dr. Patel from the first time I met him because of his honesty and confidence that my sight would be greatly improved. His staff was so professional and kind. Dr. Patel had an unbelievable bedside manner that just made you confident and not afraid. The first thing I remember after the surgeries was everything was so bright and clear. I always thought my walls were cream colored but after surgery the walls were white!
I thank you Dr. Patel for my new eyes! I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone who needs cataract surgery.

– M. O.

I have been wearing glasses for more than 40 years, though I am still in my early fifties. Dr. Patel recommended I get my cataract surgery done. He didn’t promise me 20/20 vision but said that it will still improve my vision to a very great extent. Both operations were successful & I don’t need to wear glasses anymore except for slight corrections.
Thank you Dr. Patel & team. Your professionalism, courtesy, & thoughtfulness is astounding & I will not hesitate in recommending Milan Eye Center to my friends!

– S. E.

Dear Dr. Patel and Staff,
Thanks you so much for my gift of sight. You all made it a good experience. Everyone in your office was so kind and helpful. I dreaded having work done on my eyes, but there was a lot less discomfort than I imagined. By the time the second one was done I was much more relaxed. I appreciate you concern for your patients. Thanks again for my 20/20 vision.

– S.J.B

I was recommended to see Dr. Milan Patel some time ago due to my development of narrowing glaucoma. I was scared. Dr. Patel eased my fears and within a few minutes of his performing the surgery, my condition was no more.
I had also been diagnosed with cataracts when I went for my annual checkup, my doctor told me it would be futile for him to give me a prescription for contacts or glasses – my cataracts had to come out if I were to keep my sight. He then referred me to Dr. Patel.
I was more than scared and let Dr. Patel know it. He again calmed my fears by explaining every step of the procedure. My right eye was done first. I had to go without wearing eyewear for 3 weeks prior to surgery (this was the most trying part of the whole scenario). I could barely see my husband’s eyes when he sat next to me at our dinner table (they were blurred so bad I could barely see the whites of his eyes). Next to worse was the 2 hours at the hospital before surgery. Again my fears were relieved when Emory’s nurses told me Dr. Patel had trained them to know about the eye patient’s fear factor. Can’t express how great they were. Two nurses were with me along with my husband before the surgery.
I was twilight awake – saw the most brilliant colors – and again Dr. Patel’s incredible encouragement and bedside manner during the 15-minute procedure calmed and fear I had experienced. WAH-LAH! 20/20 eyesight the next day. Riding in the car was exceptional! Depth perception was corrected – No cars coming at me! I can’t express how that felt – except to share with you that I had my other eye done a month later and now have total 20/20 eyesight!

– M.L.B

When I first learned that I had cataracts on both eyes I set out to find the best doctor I could to remove the cataracts and insert the intraocular lens. I checked with several doctors and several individuals and they all recommended Dr. Milan Patel. I made an appointment immediately. I went to see him at his new location and we set up for my first eye surgery which was on January 20th at Emory Johns Creek Hospital.
I loved Dr. Patel from the very first time I met him because of his honesty and confidence that after the surgery my eye sight would be much improved. He had an unbelievable bedside manner that just made you confident and not afraid. After all these were my eyes! My suspicions were right and from the moment I peeped from behind the patch after surgery I knew I would be able to throw my contacts and glasses away. I could read and do computer work immediately!
It was at that point getting very excited about my 2nd eye surgery which was on Feb 2nd, exactly 2 weeks after my first eye. Once again everything went according to plan…Trust me when I tell you that if you are in need of cataract surgery, Dr. Milan Patel is the doctor for you. I found out at the hospital that is so respected by his peers and the entire staff there. They told me he is always readily available to answer any and all questions. HE WAS A DOCTOR TRULY WORTH WAITING FOR and I could not be happier with my new eyes. The only downside now is that I can see so good I might have to consider that face lift!

– J.C.

I can see! I can see! You and your staff made me feel very comfortable. I have referred you to many of my friends and would recommend you to others. Anyone fearing or dreading this procedure should have no worries with you. Thanks, again!

– J.C.

I work as a volunteer at Northside Forsyth Hospital. I met many of Dr. Patel’s patients who expressed the satisfaction they received from Dr. Patel and his staff. I elected to have my cataract surgery performed by Dr. Patel and have recommended Dr. Patel to friends who were expecting to have cataract surgery.
Recently, my husband elected to have his cataract surgery with Dr. Patel. My husband is very satisfied with the operation and is impressed with the very close interest that Dr. Patel has for all his patients.

– The Hunters

This has been a pleasant, professional, efficient and thoroughly organized experience from start to finish. The communication was complete, and the result is exactly as predicted. Well done!

– F.B.

From the time I entered the door to the last time after surgery, the staff in the office, surgical coordinator, and pre testing staff worked in a very professional way. They answered any questions I had in a way you could understand. On the days of the surgery (I had both eyes done 2 weeks apart). Dr. Patel greeted me and my wife prior to surgery and again after. Hospital staff all did a great job of getting me ready for surgery. The day after each surgery the staff and Dr. Patel rechecked each eye.
I am 75 years old and I never had such a pleasant experience!
P.S. You can bring your wife too!
Thanks to you Dr. Patel and your staff, my surgery was perfect!

– G.S.

Dr. Patel is a true manifestation of an outstanding surgeon. His actions speak for his honest and sincere heart and respect for his patients. I personally felt a great feeling of confidence with him and know that my eye surgery would be perfect.
Not only is Dr. Patel and outstanding eye surgeon who enjoys giving quality care to his patients, he is simply and unbelievably wonderful human being who is fundamentally a humanist.
I am eternally grateful for his excellent care and feel extremely fortunate that he was my surgeon!

Thanks to all,

– P.J.

Dr. Patel explained what he would be doing surgically to remove my cataract. He and his staff helped to calm my nervousness about being awake during surgery. The staff at the hospital were all so caring about my well being. My follow up visits were great. I highly recommend Dr. Patel to anyone having cataract surgery.

– S.H.

My right eye vision appears to be normal and comparable to the left eye = 20/20 vision.
Thank you for your concern and expert follow through.

– B.P.

My experience with my cataract surgeries was not only pleasant, but Dr. Patel’s entire staff were very professional, and reassuring every step of the way. the technicians in the office were very thorough. The staff at the hospital worked with great precision. Every procedure was explained very clearly including telling me my right eye will be a little different including more sedation and some pain in the recovery. But after the contact bandage came out everything was fine.
I cannot say enough about Dr. Patel. Not only was he extremely professional and an expert in his skill as a surgeon, but his demeanor was impeccable. I will highly recommend Dr. Patel for cataract surgery. Thank you all because my eyes can see so clear and crisp!

– S.S.

I can see for the first time in – well, I don’t really know how long it’s been. While responding to an email last week, I realized for the first time that my response was in the prettiest shade of blue! The type always appeared, to me, to be black. We attended the Braves Cubs game the evening after my first eye’s cataract surgery. suddenly, the signs in the park, the scoreboard, everything, was clear and bright. As if a veil had been lifted. I am thrilled.
Dr. Patel could not have been more professional or caring. Thank you for giving me my sight back.

– S.J.

I would have to describe my cataract surgery from the initial visit, to the pretesting, the surgery itself and all the follow up care as “High Quality”.
I selected Dr. Patel based on his qualification and experience. What I discovered from my first evaluation to all my follow-up care was that Dr. Patel possessed numerous other excellent qualities that can be hard to find in doctors.
Dr. Patel provides easy to follow and detailed instructions but more important is his compassionate and open communication and the respect he gives to his patients.
Another aspect that is very noticeable is that Dr. Patel has surrounded himself with a terrific and knowledgeable office and medical staff including a great team at Northside Hospital.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Patel to my family and friends.

– J.P.

Dr. Patel, I will never be able to completely thank you for your professionalism, expertise and kindness that you have shown me throughout my very difficult period of eye challenges. From my first emergency visit to my continued weakening vision due to cataracts, all my care was entrusted to you and you brought me to a point of nearly 20/20 vision. Unbelievable! As I told you before, you have given my life back to me and I will always be grateful for this gift.
May you and your family be blessed every day. I wish you the greatest joy and happiness possible.

– K.L.

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“Seeing Dr. Sajja was very easy and efficient. He was very thorough and professional. He was also very honest in what he felt needed to be done. He also had a very good bedside manner and was caring, nothing was painful at all. The surgery was a quick procedure and I was in excellent care. I was amazed that Dr. Sajja himself called me two days after surgery to check-up on me!”

“Dr. Milan Patel is an excellent, caring physician. From the initial exam through cataract surgery he was very patient with explaining the surgery and recovery process. I had both eyes replaced with new lenses and felt extremely comfortable through both procedures. I highly, highly recommend him!”

“I was scared of having my cataracts removed, but the doctor and all of the staff made me most comfortable. There was no pain & the recovery was short. I would recommend Dr. Desai to anyone who needs surgery. And the people who work there are just wonderful”
Deb Hallinyer