Because of the human body’s complexity, the medical field has many specialty niches when it comes to one part of the body. When you want to visit an eye doctor, you’re actually using a very broad term. There are several specialties within ophthalmology, or eye care, including oculoplastics. At Milan Eye Center, we strive to bring you the the most comprehensive eye care available and our proud to welcome ocuplastic surgeon Dr. Kiran Sajja to our Atlanta Ophthalmology practice.

What Is Oculoplastics?

The term “oculo” refers to the eye or vision, whereas “plastics” references a mold or fixed holder. Oculoplastics is a branch of ophthalmology field that concentrates on the eyes’ orbit, or eye socket as well as the tear duct system, eyelids, and immediate facial area surrounding the eyes. Oculoplastic surgeons have all the same training as general ophthalmologists, but have an additional two years of training and studying focusing on the eye socket, lacrimal system, and eyelids.

Oculoplastic surgeons preform a number of advanced procedures relating to the eye including orbital reconstruction. Because the orbital bone is so important to the health of an eye, by if you are in an accident with severe orbit damage, a trained specialist like an oculoplastic surgeon is called in to fix the issue. Other common procedures performed by an oculoplastic surgeons include tear duct surgery to help patients with excessive or reduced tear duct action as well as blepharoplasty in order to repair drooping eyelids from age or other medical issues.

Working With Ophthalmologists

Oculoplastic surgeons often work in conjunction with a general ophthalmologist in order to coordinate a plan or to present a range of options for improved eyesight or eye health available to a patient. At Milan Eye Center, we want to give you that well-rounded care that stands out for all patients.

Milan Eye Center is excited to add Dr. Sajja to our team of Atlanta Eye doctors. If you have any question about your eye care of procedures like blepharoplasty or tear duct surgery , contact the Milan Eye Center today. We are happy to make you an appointment with our distinguished Atlanta ophthalmologists or surgeons.