As I’ve gotten older my eyes have gotten dryer. I was using Restasis but even that wasn’t totally solving the problem. Some mornings I would wake up with extreme pain in one of my eyes. After consulting with Dr. Patel he said that while I was sleeping that my eyes may not be shutting completely and also the fan or air conditioning in my home might be adding to the problem. He suggested that I try punctual plugs. I thought it was going to be a painful procedure but he assured me that it wasn’t. He was right. It only took him a few minutes to insert the plugs in each of my tear ducts. It’s been a couple of months and I haven’t had a single problem! I am so grateful to Dr. Patel!

  • Alpharetta
  • Buford
  • Canton

Dear Dr. Patel and Staff,

Thank you so much for my gift of sight. You all made it a good experience. Everyone in your office was so kind and helpful. I dreaded having work done on my eyes, but there was a lot less discomfort than I imagined. By the time the second one was done I was much more relaxed. I appreciate you concern for your patients. Thanks again for my 20/20 vision.


Dr. Milan Patel has given me the wonderful gift of not having to wear glasses all the time. I had cataracts on both eyes. He explained the cataract surgery and answered all my questions in depth. The surgery was a success and the outpatient department and nurses were great. I have worn glasses for the past 62 years since I was 12 years old. Now my distant vision is normal and I only have to have glasses for reading. His office staff was very knowledgeable and professional and are an asset to his practice. Many thanks to Dr. Patel for this awesome gift.