We’re excited to announce that our optometrist Dr. Cassandra Baker recently had an article published in CollaborativeEye, a new digital publication that explores how optometry and ophthalmology can work together to provide the best patient care.

In her article “Presenting IOL Options to Cataract Patients”, Dr. Baker discusses what makes a good preoperative discussion with cataract surgery patients and how doctors should lay out the benefits and drawbacks of different lens implant options.

She discusses how advances in technology have given cataract surgery a secondary focus. While the removal of the cataract is still the primary goal, patients now have the option of several new lens designs that have the potential to reduce or even eliminate their dependence on glasses or contacts post-operatively.

Dr. Baker says, “To determine whether a given patient is a good candidate for such options requires not only routine cataract diagnostic tests, but also attention to other examinations and to details of the patient’s personality.”

Dr. Baker emphasizes the importance of getting to know the patient and getting an understanding of their desires and expectations regarding wearing glasses or avoiding glasses after surgery. However, even after gaining an understanding of the patient’s goals, Dr. Baker still asserts that it is the doctor’s responsibility to present all surgical options to every patient.

To read the full article, please click on the following link: https://collaborativeeye.com/articles/mar-apr-18/presenting-iol-options-to-cataract-patients/