The readers of Forsyth County News have voted Milan Eye Center the best practice for LASIK in the 2016 voting of “BEST OF FORSYTH”.

We here at Milan Eye Center want to thank our patients for voting us the best in Forysth and Cumming area for LASIK!

Our goal here at Milan Eye Center is to make sure our patients have the best personalized quality care possible.  With some of the best eye surgeons, our patients have expereinced this first hand and now have voted us “Best of Forsyth”!

At Milan Eye Center, LASIK surgery offers a permanent improvement for your vision and eliminates your dependency on glasses or contacts. With recent advances in technology, more and more people are becoming prime candidates for laser eye surgery.

LASIK has become one of the most common elective surgery procedures in the United States. LASIK is a painless surgical procedure which permanently changes the shape of the cornea. The light can then focus properly on the retina, and objects can be seen clearly. Patients are usually able to see dramatically better within 12 to 24 hours after the surgery, returning return to normal activities within a day or two without the need for glasses or contacts.  If you do not qualify for LASIK, do not worry.  Our surgeons have other options such as PRK as a substitute for correcting your vision.

Please call 678-681-9834 to schedule your FREE LASIK Evaluation at any of our offices in Johns Creek, Cumming, Canton, Buford or Marietta.  We have some of the best LASIK surgeons with Dr. Milan Patel, Dr. Niraj Desai, Dr. Samir Vira, and Dr. Cameron Johnson, so it’s time to throw those glasses away and schedule with the “Best of Forsyth”!