Milan Eye Center with its location in Marietta offers the latest technological advancements in cataract surgery to patients in the metro Atlanta area.  Located in the heart of East Cobb, this state-of-the-art facility has now been open since July 2015.  In addition to being a fully equipped clinic with the most modern diagnostics, it also has an accredited surgery center with cutting-edge technology.

Come visit Dr. Samir Vira, one of Milan Eye Center’s board-certified and fellowship-trained ophthalmologists and cataract surgeons, in Marietta to learn more about cataracts and whether cataract surgery is the right choice for you.

A cataract is the clouding of the natural lens in the eye.  This clouding process is associated with aging and usually begins in the early 50s and continues as you age.  At an early stage, cataracts may not affect your vision or have a mild effect on the quality of your vision.  But as they progress, you may notice a general “fog” or “smokiness” to difficulty with reading and requiring more light to read.   Many others notice difficulty with seeing street signs, especially at night, with halos around headlights.  Colors become faded and images are no longer sharp.  When these symptoms impact the quality of your life, especially for activities such as driving and reading, cataract surgery is indicated to help restore your vision.

Cataract surgery has become an incredibly sophisticated and safe procedure now – about 3 million Americans undergo cataract surgery every year.  It can be done at Milan Eye Center’s very own outpatient surgery center.   Mild sedation is administered to keep the patient relaxed during the procedure, and minimal pain is experienced.  After the procedure, vision may be slightly blurred with a mild foreign body sensation for the first few days.  But, recovery is usually fast with many patients returning to normal day-to-day activities or work by the next day.  Over 98% of patients obtain a significant improvement in vision after the procedure.

During cataract surgery, an artificial lens or intraocular lens implant (IOL) is inserted into the eye to replace the natural lens of the eye.  At Milan Eye Center, our expert cataract surgeons offer the entire breadth of intraocular lens implants to correct your vision. Traditional implants typically provide good distance vision but often require the continued use of glasses or contact lenses.  With Toric implants, patients can elect to not only have their cataracts removed but also correct astigmatism.  Multifocal implants give patients the opportunity to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Dr. Samir Vira and the skilled cataract surgeons at Milan Eye Center in Marietta also offer bladeless or laser-assisted cataract surgery to patients.  The new Ziemer Femtosecond Z8 laser was recently FDA-approved and has been adopted by our surgeons for improved safety and unmatched precision for cataract surgery.   Using this latest technology allows our cataract surgeons to create programmable incisions without the need for any blades and provide customized results to each individual patient.

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