Top Tips for Your Lips

March 16th is National Lips Day!

Whether your lips are heart-shaped, thin, top-heavy, round, wide, or perfectly proportioned, lips come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them are beautiful! Since our lips are one of the most delicate parts of the body, it deserves some extra love and care. We are going to share some of the ways you can pamper and take extra special care of that beautiful smile of yours.

1. Hydrate

Staying hydrated seems like a no-brainer, but most of us do not drink as much water as we should daily. When you are dehydrated, your lips are the first to let you know. Avoid dry and cracked lips by giving your body the fluids it needs.

2. Exfoliate With A Lip Scrub

You can keep your lips smooth and silky with a lip scrub. If you notice your lips are dull and chapped, chances are you need to exfoliate all of the dead skin cells away.

3. Apply Lip Balm

You can show your lip some love by applying a moisturizing and nourishing lip balm. This helps seal the moisture in and keep your lips looking supple and youthful.

4. Use A Lip Mask

Lip masks are like a restart button for your pout. These masks can soften, brighten, and hydrate your lips.

5. Adapt a Healthy Diet

You can keep your lips looking healthy, fresh, and supple by sticking to a healthy diet and eating foods that are high in Vitamins C and E.

If you would like to improve the shape and fullness of your lips or improve facial balance, you do have options.

If you are interested in lip fillers, visit our aesthetics page to find more information and view before and after photos.  Then feel free to contact us to schedule your free consultation to discuss your desired results, expectations, lip filler aftercare, and other details. Be sure to mention our March promotion to take advantage of our great discount!

Lips Appreciation Day is the perfect reminder that nurturing your lips is equally important as caring for your skin and hair. A few steps towards your lip care can keep them looking healthy, soft, and youthful.


Still have questions?


Check out this Q&A with our Oculofacial and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kiran Sajja:

What is the difference between botox and filler? 

Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin all belong to a class of products known as neuromodulators. These products decrease the contraction of certain muscles thereby decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, such as between the brows, forehead, and crow’s feet. Fillers, such as RHA, Restylane, and Juvederm, belong to a class of products that use hyaluronic acid to volumize and define areas of the face, such as the cheeks and nasolabial lines.

Are lip injections temporary or reversible?

Lip injections are temporary and can last up to 1 year. They can be reversed with an injection that dissolves the product.

Where can I get lip injections?

Appointments for lip injections can be scheduled at any office Dr. Sajja sees patients.

Are lip injections painful?

Injections can be sensitive, especially for patients that have never undergone injectables in the past. The product does contain numbing medicine that does help decrease the discomfort.

What do lip injections cost?

Cost is determined by the amount of product that is used to achieve the desired result. This can range from $800-$1600.

Will my lips bruise after a lip injection treatment?

welling and bruising may be a part of any minimally invasive procedure. All measures are taken to prevent bruising/swelling; however, it may occur.

How will my lips feel with lip injections?

Patients describe a mild fullness and numbness immediately following the injections which last about 30-45 minutes. Following the initial procedure, patients may experience mild fullness which is usually associated with the amount of filler used.

Can I exercise after getting lip injections?

I generally recommend waiting 24-48 hours until engaging in strenuous physical activity.

How long will it take to see the results?

Results are seen immediately. There is normally some swelling that occurs in the injection site, however, this improves over 48-72 hours.

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