Driving accidents occur three times more at night than during the day, partially due to decreased visibility on the part of the driver.

It’s a fact: everyone’s vision worsens at night. Our pupils dilate in the dark so that our eyes can let in more light. Darkness also compromises our ability to accurately see shapes, colors, and depth.

Driving at night or in low-light situations is never completely safe, but there are ways to improve your vision while driving. Milan Eye Center, a leader in Atlanta ophthalmology, wants to share these helpful tips for better night driving to help keep you safer on the roads after dark.

Follow These Tips To Improve Vision At Night

Dim dashboard and instrument lights in your car.

When these lights are bright and at their highest setting, they create distractions and forward vision can be impaired.

If you wear glasses, make sure an anti-reflective coating is applied to the lenses.

This coating will limit glare, halos, and streaking. Even if you don’t need glasses during daylight hours, prescription glasses are available for individuals who have a hard time seeing in the evening.

If oncoming traffic lights are too bright or blinding, focus eyes toward the edge of the road.

Following this guide, or the lines, will help you navigate your car without requiring you to look at the glaring lights.

Avoid smoking when driving at night.

The smoke from cigarettes can dry out the eyes and cloud vision, further impairing sight.

Pay attention to tired eyes.

Eye fatigue is common at night. If you notice you are beginning to get tired, make frequent stops to give your eyes a break or pull into a rest area to take a power nap.

Keep windows and mirrors clean and wash them with a proper cleaning substance.

Dirty windshields and glass can obstruct vision but washing them with the wrong type of cleaning fluid can also cause streaking that can lead to glare or fogginess. Choose the proper cleaning substance for your window to get the clearest view.

Avoid staring at one object for too long.

Fixed concentration can cause eyes to dry out due to less blinking. It can also cause a condition called “highway hypnosis.” Stay alert and keep your eyes active by checking mirrors frequently and glancing around at your surroundings.

Remember to visit the eye doctor.

Keeping prescriptions up-to-date is crucial for driving at night. People under the age of 40 should visit the eye doctor once every couple of years. As we age, vision and eyesight can decline and various eye disorders can form. People over the age of 40 should visit the eye doctor once a year.

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