Dry Eye Disease is estimated to affect more than 7 million Americas and the prevalence of dry eye increases with age. It can be a chronic condition, which usually involves a daily treatment regimen of prescription medications or a minor surgical procedure to keep symptoms under control depending on the level of severity. In mild cases, basic at-home can be sufficient.

Artificial Tear Drops, Gels, and Ointments

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Artificial tears are typically used to supplement decreased tear production and improve the quality of the tear film. For mild cases of dry eye, our doctors will recommend over-the-counter eye drops that can be purchased from our office, online, or through your local pharmacy. Preservation-free tears are preferred over preserved because they contain fewer additives, which could further irritate the eyes.

Optase Dry Eye Drops

Here at Milan Eye Center, we prefer Optase Intense Dry Eye Drops.

While most artificial tears are supplied in bottles that contain chemical preservatives, Optase Intense is provided in a unique bottle that keeps the soothing solution in and germs out. Each container supplies up to 300 drops and can be purchased at our Alpharetta location or online.

Eyelid Hygiene

Cleaning the eyelids is an essential step and helps to reduce inflammation, risk of infection, and maximize oil flow through the meibomian glands. If you are bothered by sore, red eyelids that may be accompanied by crusty debris at the base of your eyelashes you may have blepharitis. Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid margin that can be a cause for dry eye and more; however, it is common and treatable! Eyelid hygiene is very helpful to treat and control blepharitis, but only if performed properly.

Optase Lid Wipes

In addition to the Optase intense dry eye drops, the physicians here at Milan Eye Center recommend using the Optase lid wipes as a part of the 3-step “heat, cleanse, and hydrate” dry eye regimen. These wipes have been proven to assist in cleaning and nourishing the eyelids and help treat the area where tears are first produced.

Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sachets all of which contain soothing and moisturizing properties of Tea Tree Oil, Hyaluronic acid, Camomile, and Aloe Vera. Each wipe is textured to help remove excess debris, scruff, and oils and is preservative-free so there is no need to rinse off after use.