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Johns Creek Office, Georgia

The Milan Eye Center’s Johns Creek office in Georgia provides considerable treatment options and services to all those who reside in the Johns Creek, Duluth and Peachtree Corners areas. Whether it is upper eyelid or lower eyelid surgery, LASIK eye surgery or an eyelid lift, our board-certified eye surgeons will treat you with full professionalism and compassion. All members of Milan Eye Center, from our reception staff to experienced surgeons, will ensure that you receive the highest standard of eye care possible using the most advanced and progressive techniques at their disposal.

The following services are offered at the Johns Creek office and are delivered by our surgeons with the utmost care and consideration:

  • Cataract Surgery

    Patients with cataracts will experience clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye. The most prominent symptom is blurred vision, but symptoms also include double vision in one eye, deteriorated color vision, near-sightedness, a sensation of a “film” covering the eye, halos and ghosting around lights at night, and sensitivity to glare. Discover more about cataracts, cataract symptoms, and cataract surgery procedure here.

  • LASIK Surgery

    The LASIK eye surgery procedure is changing lives by permanently improving patients’ vision. If you would like to know if you are a good candidate for one of the most common elective surgeries in the United States, there are some guidelines you should consider before your consultation with the surgery: you are 18 years or older; your vision has been stable for at least 6 months; you have a healthy cornea; you do not have any eye diseases that could affect healing; you have refractive error(s) that fall within the treatable range. After understanding the risks involved, you can discover further information about LASIK surgery, including the cost of LASIK eye surgery, here.

  • Pterygium Excision Surgery

    If you are experiencing an elevated whitish growth on the surface of your eye, perhaps causing vision impairment, redness, irritation, and tearing, you may have developed a pterygium. You can particularly be at risk of this non-cancerous growth if you suffer from dry eyes or work outdoors and are exposed to sun, sand, and wind. Read more about the symptoms, possible causes, and treatment options here.

  • Corneal Transplant Surgery

    The cornea is the clear front window of the eye, covering the iris and pupil. Because the cornea helps to focus light, scarring or swelling due to disease can result in impaired vision. If you have impaired vision due to a damaged cornea, you may require corneal transplant surgery. The effects of the surgery are very positive, meaning that you will recover much of the vision loss that occurred as a result of your damaged cornea. If you would like further information about whether corneal transplant surgery is right for you, can discover more detailed information here.

  • Penetrating Keratoplasty

    Penetrating keratoplasty is a type of corneal transplant surgery and involves completely removing the damaged cornea and replacing it with a donor cornea. If you are experiencing problems as a result of your damaged cornea, including scarring as a result of severe disease, you could be a good candidate for penetrating keratoplasty. Discover more about the procedure including recovery information here.

  • Cosmetic Eye Services– Blepharoplasty & Cosmetic Fillers

    The treatments available at Milan Eye Center also include cosmetic procedures, as our surgeons are highly trained in plastic surgery. These procedures, including the minimally invasive Botox, Latisse and Juvederm, and the more involved eyelid surgeries, such as eyelid lifts and brow lifts, will ensure that you look as youthful, refreshed and vibrant as you feel. If you would like further information about the cosmetic procedures offered at Milan Eye Center, including the cost of eyelid surgery, you can find extensive information here.

There are many more care and treatment options that our highly-trained doctors provide, including treatment options for glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, dry eyes, floaters and spots, chalazion, presbyopia.

Visiting the surgery office:

From the reception staff to the surgeons, you will be treated with warmth and professionalism as soon as you arrive at the Johns Creek office. The highly-trained doctors will be able to answer any questions you may have, and tailor your treatment to your specific condition. Our doctors continue to stay abreast of the most innovative and current treatment, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best care available.

Please call (678) 381-2020 to schedule your eye surgery consultation, or book online here today.

Directions To Milan Eye Center In Johns Creek

Our cutting edge office is located in Johns Creek, Georgia, off Highway 141, across the street from Emory Johns Creek Hospital. Call Milan Eye Center at (678) 381-2020 to schedule your eye surgery consultation.

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“Seeing Dr. Sajja was very easy and efficient. He was very thorough and professional. He was also very honest in what he felt needed to be done. He also had a very good bedside manner and was caring, nothing was painful at all. The surgery was a quick procedure and I was in excellent care. I was amazed that Dr. Sajja himself called me two days after surgery to check-up on me!”

“Dr. Milan Patel is an excellent, caring physician. From the initial exam through cataract surgery he was very patient with explaining the surgery and recovery process. I had both eyes replaced with new lenses and felt extremely comfortable through both procedures. I highly, highly recommend him!”

“I was scared of having my cataracts removed, but the doctor and all of the staff made me most comfortable. There was no pain & the recovery was short. I would recommend Dr. Desai to anyone who needs surgery. And the people who work there are just wonderful”
Deb Hallinyer